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Where Talent Matters

The global recruitment agency for the creative, marketing, advertising, and event industries: shaping careers and changing businesses, one connection at a time.


Our secret? It’s a powerful combination of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled human expertise.

We put the spotlight on abilities, ensuring our shortlists are all about quality candidates without any biases. It’s straight-up, skill-focused, and fair – just how recruitment should be.

As a global recruitment agency, our team spans London, Miami, and Aberdeen, providing access to diverse talent, local market insights, and a time zone advantage.



Executive search




Executive search



We’re here to support employers in finding talent in an open and transparent way, so that everyone benefits from the creativity and competitive advantage of a more diverse workforce.

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The experienced team at BeFound bring the human element to recruitment. As a candidate they will coach you through your softer skills to ensure you perform your best at interviews to compete on a level playing field, allowing you to find a role you can shine in. 

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…BeFound have been fantastic when I’ve needed urgent candidates

“BeFound have been fantastic when I’ve needed urgent candidates, and the quality has been top notch – resulting in a hire. Always responsive and fast. Look forward to working with them again, highly recommend!”

Diana Milone, VP, Client Management | Jellyfish

…BeFound are super fabulous!

Major recommendations for BeFound! I’ve worked with them on both sides of the business. They’ve not only helped me build our team with GREAT talent for freelance and permanent positions, they’ve also helped me find a new permanent role for myself. Throughout both of those processes, they were nothing but exceptional. They are a perfect example of what a recruitment agency should be… professional, kind but direct, fast, and responsive. I’m serious when I say, “I look forward to working with them again soon”.

John Corsi, Marketing Director | Event Concept

…I highly recommend using BeFound

I’ve always been impressed with the “can do” attitude, organisation and, importantly, the quality of the candidates that BeFound find for us. I highly recommend using them for your recruitment needs!”

Simon Tracey | Director of Agency Services

I’ve had a great experience working with BeFound

I’ve had a great experience working with BeFound. I’ve found them to be very thorough and intelligent, ensuring they understand the nuances of the hire and the kind of candidate that we’re looking for. They’ve added value through advising us on how we’re shaping our candidate profiles, and their communications through the hiring process have been friendly, responsive and incredibly helpful!

Jo Dale Ford | HR Manager at 23red

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Welcome to a different kind of hiring experience. We’re not a typical global hiring agency. Here, businesses connect with the talent they need for success, and candidates discover roles where they truly thrive. No fluff, just a recruiting team that believes work should be a positive experience for everyone.

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